Innovation Laboratory & Development Center

In today’s world of rapid digitalization and fast-shifting customer expectations, here at Emil Frey Digital we are developing the industry leading software solutions for automotive sector with a focus on wholesale and retail activities. As an integral part of the Emil Frey Group by enhancing digitalization processes we continuously support providing high-quality expert services for our customers within different markets.

Emil Frey Digital

Cutting edge software solutions in the automotive industry

Digital development and innovation of the Emil Frey Group is driven, operated and steered by the Emil Frey Digital team. The prime focus is presented in the development of software and technology platforms that holds the Emil Frey Group at the peak of the automotive industry and enables us to continuously deliver high-quality services and solutions in each area of the business.

Our digital portfolio includes a variety of innovative technology solutions that support everyday business activities of the entire Group, follow all the specific processes and maintain its recognized success. Being on the market since 1924, the Emil Frey Group grew to be the leading European automotive sales company today, operating in all relevant European markets.

C - car Connectivity

A - Autonomous or assisted driving

S - car Sharing

E - Electrified (Electric) powertrains and components

Emil Frey Digital — The full stack solution

  • Web and Mobile applications development

    Web and mobile applications for both, our digital first customers and the Emil Frey Group internal processes. Bringing together the customer facing applications and the world of in-house business activities.

  • Data & Integrations

    Data driven approach to platform and solutions integration with a modern architecture to support it. Integrations with manufacturer platforms, customer facing platforms such as classifieds, or any other third party system which brings additional value to the data set or the process.

  • Business Intelligence

    Developing the business intelligence solutions to support real time insights into business performance and to allow data driven decision making.

  • Machine learning and AI

    Implementing AI solutions, making sense of large data sets, preparing prediction models and enabling data driven business decisions.

  • Automation

    Developing software solutions to automate activities across different processes. Optimizing and improving workflows with the tool set developed by the Emil Frey Digital software lab.

  • CRM

    Software solutions which enable a full 360 overview of customer related data, ensuring high level of communication quality towards the customers, and an ongoing digital interaction with the current and potential new customers. Solutions which are enabling customer segmenting into interest groups, precise targeting and real time performance tracking.

Your career awaits!

  • Backend Developer

  • Business Intelligence Specialist

  • Oracle Database Administrator

  • PL/SQL Developer

  • System Engineer

  • Open job application


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